Dux International materials are being used in various projects of different scales and areas like governments, hospitality, health care, retail, interior decorating, financial sections and of course the smaller arts and crafts businesses.

A few of our references:
Airstream (All You Need is Love-caravan), Boxtel
Artis Boot, Amsterdam
Chocolate Bar, Dubai
Clous Mode, 's-Hertogenbosch
WE-winkels, The Netherlands
Heineken Music Hall (HMH), Amsterdam
Holland Casino, Scheveningen
Jack’s Casino, The Netherlands
Jazzclub Bird, Rotterdam
Joegoslavië-tribunaal, Den Haag
La Place Restaurants V&D, The Netherlands
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Parijs
Mijn Restaurant (Belgian TV-show)
Open 32-winkels, The Netherlands
Oranje Hotel, Noordwijk
Pink-shop, Kampen
Psychodidact, Waalwijk
Rabobank, The Netherlands
Restaurant Friends, The Netherlands
Scheepvaartmuseum, Rotterdam
Thoraxklinik, Germany
Van der Valk, The Netherlands
Villa Pardoes, The Netherlands
Woonzorg, The Netherlands
Woonzorggroep Antros, Zeist

The Dux Artificial Leather collection can be used in both the private and the project sector.
(Counter at the PINK-Store in Kampen: Senso FR Silver / Art. nr. 60-301).


(Computercabinets at WE-Stores, The Netherlands: Outside FR Offwhite / Art. nr. 62-116).